Last Rites for a Generation

by The Great He-Goat

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**************************************You may notice a slight crackle/buzzing occasionally in the right channel. This is part of the recording. It is there not for flavor or “kvltness,” but because of careless oversight. We sincerely hope this does not diminish your enjoyment of the record**************************************


released January 29, 2014

Gnashgeist - Lord High Exalter of the He-Goat - Guitar, Vocals
Mutilatör - Acolyte of Abyssal Doom - Bass
Nihil - Scryer of Slaughtered Angels - Guitar
Deathstalker - Architect of Damnation - Keys
Angelbutcher - Summoner of the Legions - Drums




The Great He-Goat Tulsa, Oklahoma

He-Goat Mastermind

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Track Name: Hollow Victory
Eyes grow dim as the essence wanes
Crimson stains the wood
What becomes of the heathen?
Ashes mixed with blood

Not our ways, suffer him
Foaming mouth of hate
Sharpened steel, madness
Bloodlust shall be slaked

A Hollow Victory x 2

Strength, will, fevered pitch
Found the blade death knell
Relieved of vital constituencies
Relegated to their hell

Scorched earth policy
No life before me
Fatal viscera from the flank
Rage keeps their blood flowing

A Hollow Victory x 2

The battle is won, the war is lost
Took everything I know
I close my eyes and disappear
Like these footsteps in the snow

A Hollow Victory x 3
Track Name: Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Cry out
Cave echoed plea
Dreams of men
Lived and died here

Long forgotten ghost
of humble origins
Pretending trancendance
Just a wretched beast

Ancient past
Stars denied

Forgotten Dreams
Forgotten Dreams

Cold void
Mirrors my regret
Uncovered nihilism
See the dark heart

Black reaping
In death I am nothing
I was nothing when I lived

Wicked past
Stars denied

Forgotten Dreams
Forgotten Dreams
Track Name: Kantharos Raised Above Me
Torches sway in darkness
Ascending mountainside
Tangible Anticipation
Heralds the Dionysus Gait
Throbbing, quickening heart
Bound, hand and foot
The pipers song of death
An elegant recital

Whereupon dark encampments
Spirit escapes the flesh
Dance to the flame
Weakened corporeal state
Wine poured to the ground
Possessed by the unnatural
Lost in mystic visions


Kantharos raised above me
My consciousness returns
Beside me raised a tattered flag
Dionysus has sealed this stave


Surrounded by faceless persona
Knelt before me the elder one
Awarded am I the Thyrsos
Encapsulated by the Gods
Track Name: The Cloak of Sorrows
Journey to a realm of loss
Souls chained by hate
Malicious spirit possessed
Wretched dark artifice

Feel the Cloak calling
Promise of reward
I Accept your terms
Fill my heart with blight

Claw inside my skull
A contract signed in bile
Can never be unmade

The cost was great
Gained power indeed
Lost the touch of empathy
Now consume all life

Claw inside my skull
A contract signed in bile
Can never be unmade

Clouds red in my wake
Death is my gift
Silent sigh, turn from the world